Our primary product is synthetic turf, available with a range of options for height and length. Each roll is available with a width of either two or four meters. Our synthetic turf has been tested by the CSIRO for resistance to fading under ultraviolet light, giving you confidence about the longevity of our supply. All our synthetic turf has a natural look and feel, giving you all the benefits of a lush green lawn without compromising on the the eco-friendly, cost-effective and long-lasting qualities that make artificial grass so desirable.

In addition, we can provide Putting Green Grass at heights of 10mm and 14mm for use in a diverse range of applications, from residential yards for the budding golfer to resorts and professional courses. We also supply U-shaped turf pegs, which are used to secure artificial lawn, as well as self-adhesive joining tape available with a width of either five or ten meters. These accessories will help keep your turf sturdy and secure.

For pricing information on any of our products, please contact us directly.